Not very often have I been 100% sure of anything. Yet, one thing I am really sure of: Yoga improves my quality of life. Yoga is more than a physical practice and just by starting it on a regular basis, we really get to know ourselves better, starting with our body – an incredible temple we should take care of by doing some exercise, eating healthy food and resting. Starting Yoga is easy. Look for a yoga teacher, even if you only can do it online, let it flow, feel the energy, decide how regularly you can practise and start feeling it goes beyond your class schedule.
Angela was one of my Yoga teachers and I admire this lovely and beautiful young woman, who knows how to take care of herself and her big family. She gives her best and she can do it.
I want to thank you Angela, for your contribution to a better world, your devotion in studying conscious parenting too, for being open to new ideas, for choosing what is the best for you and to share it with others. The world will thank you too for this gift of love. Namastê.