I discovered the practice of yoga with the classes that Angela offers. I started yoga because I was stiff and inflexible. I also felt that I had a tendency to disperse and I could not always focus on what I had to do. Finally what I discovered with the practice of yoga is that it allows me to find an anchor, to be more present and calmer. Grounding is not just about touching and feeling the ground, for me the real revelation is when you aim for both: the anchoring in the ground and at the same time the elevation towards the sky, with a straight spine, shoulders slightly pulled back and gaze ahead.
The way Angela invites us to practise yoga also allows us to listen to ourselves, to what we feel, to our difficulties, to our desires, more concretely also to our body. Yoga allows you to visualise each part of your body, to feel them, but also to vibrate with your breath.
As a teacher, it is good to experience these sensations, because they are reproducible in class. Staying calm, having a good posture, feeling anchored allows you to be better in class and more available to students. This allows a larger opening of mind and better listening.