One of the most important human connections is the one between us and our families.

The relationship between Parents (include mothers and fathers, as well as other caregivers who act as parents) and Child is one that nurtures the physical, emotional and social development of the child. Children learn about the world around them through a positive parent-child relationship. As they are growing and changing, children look to their parents to determine whether or not they are safe, secure, and loved. It is a unique bond that children and parents can live and nurture.

“A relationship that is caring, empathetic, supportive, allows the child’s brain to develop.” – Catherine Gueguen
“Peace in the world begins at home.”
– Mother Teresa
Neuroscience confirms the attachment theory and the critical importance of parent-child attachment.

This, above all, will influence the appropriate brain development of your child and influence the adult your child will become.

I believe the way to a better world, more peaceful, respectful, developed, and united starts in each one’s home and family. We can all do our part ♥️

Unwinding challenges toward a safe, authentic, and strong relationship with your children
During the parenting sessions, we focus on awareness, connectedness and mindfulness.

We explore together the dynamic of the family, the situations, behaviors, needs, and emotions that constitute a challenge and we find a way to go through it to create a safe, authentic, and strong relationship with your children. It’s a process where you can return to yourself to be able to nurture relationships from Heart to Heart with your children, being you and holding space for the children to be themselves.

The growth work we do as parents gives long-term benefits for our children

We use different systems and tools keeping in mind that what works for you and for your family context might not work for others. There is a lot yoga can teach us about energy management, boundaries, finding pause and stillness, compassion, and taking it off the mat into our families.

It is a unique transformational way because it is an inner work that impacts one’s life, the child’s life, and the relationship in the long term. Working on you and on your relationships requires time and some effort, time for you and for your family to adapt, nonetheless, I believe the investment is definitely worth it.

Sessions can support you with…
  • Addressing challenging behaviours in your children
  • Strengthening the parent-child bond
  • Nurturing your children’s emotional development
  • Recognizing and meeting the needs of both your children and yourself, and finding optimal strategies to address them
  • Establishing constructive boundaries in your parenting approach without relying on punitive methods
  • Managing your emotional triggers, fears, and challenges more effectively
  • Making space for personal time apart from your parenting responsibilities
  • Cultivating presence and mindfulness in your most important relationships
The family serves as a dynamic space, prompting us to question and evolve our bonds through introspection, communication, and adaptation.

A significant challenge lies in accepting and understanding each child’s true nature, allowing them the space to grow authentically.

It’s through this commitment to growth and understanding that the true essence of family is revealed.

1-hour sessions
in Brussels Woluwe / Auderghem / online
Together, let’s transform challenges into opportunities, chaos into serenity, and create a path towards a fulfilling and meaningful parenting journey, through many yoga and mindfulness-based practices.

Sessions for real parents, Include single parenting, and grandparenting (we know parenting doesn’t stop when our kids grow up).