Yoga & parenting

“Life is a balance of holding and letting go” -Rumi
And so is yoga and so is parenting.

Yoga and parenting are two incredible journeys that help us find the delicate balance between both practices. They are two beautiful and inexplicable inner journeys that can be fun, revealing and filled with love.

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Conscious parenting
Yoga and mindfulness-based practices can also support us with energy management, boundaries, finding pause, stillness, and compassion in the challenging moments of parenting.

In conscious parenting sessions we unwind challenges toward a safe, authentic, strong relationship with your children.

It is in the daily practice of yoga and parenting that I discovered the profound parallels between the two.

Both require patience, flexibility, strength, and an unwavering commitment to growth and self-discovery.

I believe that as human beings we are all made to move and we are all made to love and be loved – and I love to bring the gifts of yoga to ourselves and our families to help us maintain a healthy body and an open heart in life.

A warm welcome to my parenting support sessions and yoga classes in Brussels.