I’m a yoga teacher, a mother of 4, and accompanying people towards well-being where the body, mind and soul would be all connected.
My friends know I eat chocolate hidden from my kids (but they always catch me), I love to sing and dance and sun and nature…

In a more formal way, I’ve been a licensed psychologist since 2005, a certified yoga teacher for children and families since 2014, yoga teacher to adults (RYT) since 2018 and parenting facilitator from 2019. I am a mother of four amazing children, in their very different stages, at the moment from the terrible twos to adolescence, those who fill my days with adventure and love.

Growth and self-discovery through yoga and parenting
I believe that we are all meant to move and we are all meant to love and be loved.

It is in the daily practice of parenting and yoga that I discovered the profound parallels between the two.

Both require patience, flexibility, strength, and an unwavering commitment to growth and self-discovery.

Honestly, I believe the most advanced and intensive yoga I’ve ever experienced has been the incredible journey of raising my four children.

Being a mom to four amazing children is a non-stop rollercoaster of joy, challenges, and a few “Mom, where’s my sock?” mysteries. The truth is that I sometimes feel completely overwhelmed by the responsibility of parenting four kids.

As a parent, I understand firsthand the challenges and joys of caring for and supporting a growing family.

The mental load is exhausting, and the running around never ends. Resilience and patience are required all the time. But at the same time I can’t describe how privileged I feel to be a mother to my four kids. They are kind, caring, and funny and I love them all to bits.

The everyday challenges within my family allow me to know myself each day a little bit more and help me definitely to grow as a person. Among these challenges, one of the most significant is finding the balance between being the mother my children need while also prioritizing and attending my own needs.

The better we take care of ourselves, the more we can give to our children.

Moving towards more heartfelt and conscious parenting and authentic encounter with oneself

After finishing my studies in psychology, I started my career in human resources, first in the private sector in Portugal, then in the public sector in Belgium for 8 years in the European Commission.

In the meantime, I have become passionate about a holistic and integrative approach to health and well-being, in which body, mind and soul are connected to help us grow, prosper and live fulfilled lives.

Over the past decade, I have been committed to this continuous learning in different personal well-being dimensions, and I maintain it because we never stop learning.
Living between two countries, I had the chance to discover various cultures and perspectives, enriching my understanding of the human experience and bringing an inclusive, global, and multicultural approach to my work.

Today I feel honoured to share what I most love to do with the people that cross my way. I intervene mainly based on the yoga that I teach, for an authentic encounter with oneself and in the accompaniment of parents who are moving towards more heartfelt and conscious parenting.

We are all works in progress, “perfectly imperfect” and we still do need help sometimes, for ourselves and our closest relationships, and parenting could be the most challenging personal work some of us will ever do. So, take it slow, breathe deeply, feel…

It is in these moments of presence that the magic of life unfolds.